First day of filming in Ushuaia

Some might think that coming in Ushuaia is a personal eccentricity. Just because it’s Ushuaia.

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It is not the case, because it is the incredible story of the recent discovery of Patagonia, a notorious prison that is now a museum…

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… and especially the location of the Lodge at the end of the world.
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Finally, it is an incredible human adventure that is worth telling.

One of the expected shooting today was to go and film the magnificent Andes that come to die Ushuaia to be reborn in  Antarctica.

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It was the most fantastic and difficult shooting since the start of my journey around the world.

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During this shoot in high altitude with the drone, I made a mistake. The drone passed on the other side of a mountain and I lost contact. The chance to find it was 1 on 1000. The risk of climbing the snow-covered rock wall was large and very risky for our lives. Finally, we decided to search for the drone and climb to the other side of the mountain.  After one hour of search, contact could be established. We knew it was a hundred meters around us in the snow or on a rock blank over deadly cliffs.

We found it !
20151024_192943 (1)
Why take so much risk when night fell and without equipment for the snow? Because the images filmed during the morning were fantastic.

Then filming was completed with an admirable interview about the revival of Masonry in this isolated land with Floreal Calo the first Master of the Lodge of the end of the world. A interview of a rare intensity !

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I like this crazy travel for this kind of adventure.

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