India a window on the future

My journey to India ends. A first evaluation is required. India is indeed a fundamental step to understand today‘s Freemasonry, the legacy of the past and the vision of the future.

In 2020, India will be the most populated country in the world.  It’s a young democracy that will have very soon a significant leadership in many field.

I had the privilege to meet many exciting and vibrant brethren; to record evidence, relevant and exciting analyzes, ideas and projects.


This travel was very intense emotionally, physically and also on the planning meetings.

Hyderabad - 5

I think Terra Masonica would not be such a wonderfull project without the presence of India.


I wish the rest of the world listen to this wisdom, respect and extraodinaire culture.


If this journey was sometimes difficult, is that I was shaken by what I experienced. I want to share all this questions and emotions with you soon.

Hyderabad - 1Hyderabad - 2Hyderabad - 3Hyderabad - 4Hyderabad - 6Hyderabad - 7Hyderabad - 9Hyderabad - 11Hyderabad - 12Hyderabad - 13Hyderabad - 15

My world tour in 80 lodges is not finished. See you soon !

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