India & Philippines

GM 1933

I’m at the end of my world tour.

I’m preparing now my last very long journey in India (3 weeks, from south to north) and the Philippines for one week. I thank all the brethen who will welcome me.

I know that everything will be just great, because there is a good understanding of what I am looking and the far East is made of old fascinating civilizations.

I am happy and glad to see the end of this long journey. I know that this step will be a last shine of this mysterious lighthouse.

Since September 2015, there has been so many meetings, exchanges and emotion that it will take me time to get back to my normal life.

Maybe, I will have to take a break to come back in Haïfa to take a drink in front of the sea.

« We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  »   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



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