Israël Day #1

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First Meeting with WGM Avi Baranes of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel and Dan Doron who will be my guide during these days (poor Dan !)

Israel is a multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious society. The Grand Lodge of Israel embodies that diversity. This week, I will meet  Christians, Jews and Muslims brethren who work together in a peaceful coexistence.

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This is the case for a long time, even before the creation of Israel. However the Grand Lodge of Israel faces, as many Grand Lodge in the world, difficulties of adaptation to this new interconnected world and also to an important decrease of membership.

What is the solution ? Nobody knows. However young people, more than ever, are now searching for meaning. It’s a paradox ! Masonry proposes sense, but not directly and easily consumable. In present times fashion is for immediacy, speed and entertainment. Freemasonry is the exact opposite !

« The conflict between the « here and now » world and the « Live and Learn » philosophy of masonry are very real. But as the pace of society picks up speed…..I think the purposeful thought and reflection of Masonry will offer a refuge from a turbulent world ahead. » Bo Buchanan

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