Lighting the light

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When I decided to start this trip round the world, I knew my goal, but I did not know what I would live. The answer to  » what is Freemasonry ?  » depends on where we live, the life that we leads and the dreams that we pursue.

Does this question make sense? Not necessarily.

But those who spoke with me always had things to say about the man, his place in the world and the meaning of life.

In Israel, I focused on the meaning of the Masonic Temple and the future of the freemasonry. Should we be optimistic or pessimistic ?

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Give to young responsibilities and they will advance the well, generosity and love. If seniors are helping and advise youth, if seniors refuse to preserve the keys of the house, so we will rebuild the hope, a better future and reasons to be optimistic.

Our world suffers from sidelining youth. This is what I understood here with Dan and the young masons who agreed to share with me their vision of the world. The futur belongs to the young generation.

It is always better to ask questions than to provide answers. The one who lost the spirit of youth will impose his vision and his truth. The one who has kept his childhood soul will love observing his brother growing like a tree. The one who stays next to the youth, will drink each day the water of immortality.

The quality is of course better than quantity. We don’t care about statistics. We just care of lighting the light in the heart of the human being.

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