Midnight to noon

Hammerfest has the unique honor to be the northernest town in the world.

Gray location map of 70° 48' 25" N, 23° 52' 30" E.

Gray location map of 70° 48′ 25″ N, 23° 52′ 30″ E.

This is the story of a place facing the North Pole, where only the bravest men, tenacious, and reckless can live.

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Today, the night gets shorter again. There is a glimmer of the sun between 11 am and 2 pm.

2 hours of tiny light and 22 hours of a dark night !

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For the last 2 days, it snows and rains, but if the sky is clear it is the place with the most beautiful northern lights of the world. Now, filming conditions are very difficult.
It is here also that history is written. The history of trade, fishing but also violence since this city was totally destroyed by the German army at the end of the Second World War. 


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Only the small chapel of the city and the cemetery was spared.

It took nearly three century for Freemasonry to come here. Today, the Grand Lodge of Norway has the most northen Lodge of the world: Ultima Thule.
This Freemasonry applies the Swedish ritual imported from France in 1750 and then very specifically modified. This masonry is traditional and reserved for Christians.

Jan-Roger Fredriksen explains his spiritual journey, inspired by a deep inner questioning and also a very strong faith. Jan works, takes care of his family and is involved in the social life of the community.

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