Parade for the Lodge number nothing

The installation of the new RWM took place at the Mother Lodge.

A band of pipes and drums is preparing to march through the main street of Kilwinning. The skies raged. Rain falls hard.


They show bravery. This is Scotland: pride and fidelity to traditions.

SCOT - 5

They will search the new Master of the Lodge, who is following the parade, alone.

SCOT - 6

A guard of honor is waiting and he enters the Lodge.

SCOT - 1

SCOT - 2

SCOT - 4

It is now time to celebrate the event.

SCOT - 7

You have to live the festival of St. Thomas in Kilwinning once in a life !

Tomorrow I go home for Christmas with my family.

Wishing respect, love, and brotherhood in our lives !

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