Penjab, from scratch to the top

It is impossible to summarize in this article all I had the privilege  to live, film and share during my stay in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala, Kalka and Amritsar.

Agriculture is the main industry of Punjab, it is the largest wheat producer in India.

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Punjab is a state in northwest India part of the Punjab region. The state capital is Chandigarh, the new city designed by renowned French architect Le Corbusier.

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A considerable number of Punjabis have emigrated in many countries, particularly the United Kingdom, Canada, the US and Australia.

The history of Freemasonry in Punjab is exciting. There are beautiful ancient masonic temples.

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The Lodges organize here an incredible number of philanthropic actions: polyclinics, schools. The list of examples is long. Why ? Because there is no health care program, and without this commitment… there will be nothing.

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During this filming, we discovered by luck the first Lodge of Amritsar. The exact place of this temple was forgotten, until our visit with Bro Dct Santoc. This discovery is very important. This lodge had its meetings in first floor of the palace of the Maharaja.

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What is also remarkable is the way young masons talk about their commitment. They are already open to the world and they imagine a masonry more open, proud and  happy to give to the community. 

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In this prosperous state, there is a natural alliance between Sikhism and masonry. These two ways of living and thinking match in fact perfectly.

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Thank you to all brethen of Punjab for their extraordinary welcome and their example.

There is still a lot to say and discover but you have to wait to see the movie Terra Masonica.

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