Positive vibes


Dear friends, since my last trip to France in the Vosges, I started editing the film. I work a lot, more than 12 hours a day.

I’m not alone, Laurent a good friend of 20 years helps me.

I thought I still visit some countries, particularly the Philippines and Turkey. For the Philippines, I did not received sufficient support and for Turkey you will understand that this is not the time.

Now, I must solve a lot of technical problems. I’ll end up really hate computers.


The editing work is very long and complex because I visited so many different Masonics worlds  around the world.

You will hear from me in a few weeks. This work is very long and I hope to finish this summer.

Feel free to send me your positive vibes.

All those with whom I spent so many wonderful times you stay with me every day.

See you soon !


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