The 3 arches of the Herod’s Temple

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Each country is a complex system of balance.  Specific situations shape the actions of citizens. Here in Israel, the situation is very complex. Wars, fast economic development, mix of religions, migrations from around the world have created a modern society focused on the present. More than anywhere else, we live, consume each day trying not to think about the future.

The Freemasonry in Israel started in the beginning of XXth century, so prior to the State of Israel. These old lodges changed their membership according to the many political changes in the Middle East.

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Today, young Israeli masons discovered the masonry of their grandfather. These young are looking for meaning and a model of inclusive and fraternal society. They seek a different relationship model face to the agressive world in which we live. An opportunity to meet each other regardless of religion and without addressing political issues.

The three books of monotheism: the Koran, the Bible and the Torah are open for each meeting.

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Herod’s Temple was a massive expansion of the Second Temple, including a renovation of the Temple Mount. It was initiated by Herod the Great around 19 BC. This temple was destroyed by Titus in 70, it remains today as the vestige of retaining walls built by Herod the esplanade and the remains of 3 arches that allowed access to the Esplanade .

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 Andrew Haddad  from Haifa is an arab mason, past WM and son of a mason who is also past WM.

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He says his family history, his attachment to his Lodge. Being son of mason, he carries the title of Lewis. His identity is multiple: he is a father, grandfather and son of the city of Haifa. All these components harmonize with the masonry.

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Dan Doron is my guide in Israël.

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He agreed to advise me and explain the richness of Freemasonry in Israël. I thank him for his sense of permanent humor, kindness and optimism for the future. In a open man, curious but also critical and experienced. What is the relationship between the Masonic Temple and the Temple of Solomon ? the answer is very subtle !

The Cave of Zedekiah or Solomon’s career are in the Muslim Quarter, next to the Damas Gate.


Jerusalem stone was mined there, it is a form of limestone. It has an area of 2000 m2, the rest of the largest quarry in Jerusalem. It is also an important place for the Masons.

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I had the privilege to spend one hour alone with David who was with me. Several times a year, outstanding Masonic meetings are held here. We find on the walls of many Masonic symbols carved in stone.

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