Ukraine, a rebirth of freedom

I end my stay in Ukraine. It was certainly too short. It was very important to came here and trying to share the spirit of the Grand Loge of Ukraine.

For the first time, Freemasons who has just found their freedom from the domination of Russia testify openly in a movie.
Odessa - 6

This revival of Freemasonry in Ukraine and especially  in Odessa is possible through the democratic movement. But it is not easy. The meetings remain secrets and many Freemasons can not yet appear publicly.

Odessa - 3

Odessa is a beautiful city where blows a wind of freedom, culture, tolerance and intelligence.
Odessa - 4Odessa - 5
Thank you for the welcome. This step was very important in my world tour, because I’am here close to the frontiers of the free world.

Odessa - 1Odessa - 2
This experience is very unique and a privilege. Freemasonry is beautiful and powerful where it is in danger! This presence in Odessa is a hope.
Odessa - 7Odessa - 8Odessa - 9Odessa - 10
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