Ultima Thule

Everyone sees the world from where they stand

Today I’m back home. It is very nice to return to Belgium.

I see the world from my house in my village. The place where I live. The weather is beautiful. It is autumn. Nature is magnificent...

It is also time to prepare December’s travels : Hammerfest in Norway. There is no town more northerly (even in Alaska, Greenland or Siberia).

Scandinavian Freemasonry is historically very important. So the Norwegian masonry deserves to be present in Terra Masonica.


I will visit St. John Lodge Ultima Thule #46 of the Norske Frimurerorden. And I thank them in advance for their welcome.


The first Norwegian lodge was founded on June 24th1749 on Bygdoey, a peninsula on the Oslo Fjord.

The term Thule also features in « Georgics » the Roman poet Virgil. For the Romans, Extrema Thule designates the northern limit of the known world.

Again it will be important to understand what Freemasonry is, the specificity of the Norwegian Freemasonry and discover another end of the world, another vision, spirituality, philanthropy and Masonic traditions .

Then I will go to the Lodge Mother Kilwinning # 0 – The Mother Lodge of Scotland for their annual parade I know that the Scots have a great sense of hospitality.

This year I am lucky, I will celebrate Christmas with my family and friends back home in Belgium.

After that, in 2016, I will travel to Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, the Philippines and even more countries.
But thats another story and I still need more preparation.
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