First editing and Odessa

montage  - 1.jpg

A quick post to keep you informed of the last developments of Terra Masonica. After my last trip to India my vision of the project has changed fundamentally. This trip to India was a form of final synthesis of TERRA.

I’m currently busy finishing the first version of the film. What does it mean? I work with thousands of hours of recording, I try to tell a coherent story that will enthrall you.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful assistant, Laurent, who takes care of me like a mother. It prepares me delicious  dishes, going shopping, asking me to return to edit when the break is too long. He’s very shy so he don’t whant me to put his photo on the web.

I hope to complete this editing before my next trip to Ukraine in one week. I will  spend a week in Odessa to try to understand the relation this young democracy which who have to fight for his independence and the relation between  the Orthodox Christianity and Freemasonry.

See you all and thank you for your support.


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