« La vérité est la fille du temps »

People believe that Freemasonry is a secret society, hidden, practising in the shadow, that refuses to be in contact with people.

Is this true or false ?

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, the City Pillar is an ancient Ind plant area. The Logia del Pilar Union No. 127 was founded in 1895, and despite the difficult periods of history, it still exists.

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Guess what ! This lodge is set in the middle of a shopping center and lives in harmony with businesses, shops, and customers of this shopping center.

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After visiting the temples in very unusual places (forest, jungle, mountains), it is the very first time that we discover a Lodge installed in the heart of a shopping center.

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The brothers of the Lodge of Pilar are proud to have laid their temple themselves inside this mall. It’s convenient: there is a large car park, a restaurant, and security. But the most important, is that they tell about the golden years and also the dark years of their long history and especially the period of the military dictatorship of 1976-1983 who persecuted the people and the Argentine Freemasons dramatically. The victims still have trouble talking about this period.

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« Truth is the daughter of time »

Thank you to them for their welcome and their freedom of speech!


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