Thank you !

Terra - 1.jpgDear friends,

the Terra Masonica adventure is coming to an end for me. The film will now follow its own life.

It was a long project, difficult, but very enriching.
There have already been public and private screenings and all public feddback from masons or non masons, teenagers, older people are all very positive.

The film will be soon released in cinema theater : first in France and Belgium. Other territories are under discussion. The movie version is shorter: 1h30.

Several previews are already planned: January 28 in Brussels, February 10 in Valencia, February 24 in Ghent, the last week of March in Brazil. It is rather difficult to organize these previews because it takes time and must respect technical and legal conditions.

Then from spring, it will be available on DVD and VOD. It’s a longer version of the movie twice 1 hour.

Then, from September, the film will be broadcast in television throughout the world.

The film is in English with subtitles in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch.

I hope this film will have the success it deserves because it allows the broad public to understand what is Freemasonry today and Freemasons to discover different aspects of the Craft they do not know and the feeling that be a mason is a source of proudness.

Now I am working on new projects and I am open to all collaborations for the futur.

Thank you all for your support, your advice, your help and your enthusiasm.

Tristan Bourlard


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